A smarter way to streamline drug discovery

The SPARROW algorithm automatically identifies the best molecules to test as potential new medicines, given the vast number of factors affecting each choice.

Adam Zewe | MIT News • mit
June 17, 2024 ~8 min

Technique improves the reasoning capabilities of large language models

Combining natural language and programming, the method enables LLMs to solve numerical, analytical, and language-based tasks transparently.

Adam Zewe | MIT News • mit
June 14, 2024 ~7 min

With programmable pixels, novel sensor improves imaging of neural activity

New camera chip design allows for optimizing each pixel’s timing to maximize signal-to-noise ratio when tracking real-time visual indicator of neural voltage.

David Orenstein | The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory • mit
June 13, 2024 ~8 min

Scientists preserve DNA in an amber-like polymer

With their “T-REX” method, DNA embedded in the polymer could be used for long-term storage of genomes or digital data such as photos and music.

Anne Trafton | MIT News • mit
June 13, 2024 ~7 min

Just thinking about a location activates mental maps in the brain

MIT neuroscientists have found that the brain uses the same cognitive representations whether navigating through space physically or mentally.

Anne Trafton | MIT News • mit
June 12, 2024 ~7 min

Researchers use large language models to help robots navigate

The method uses language-based inputs instead of costly visual data to direct a robot through a multistep navigation task.

Adam Zewe | MIT News • mit
June 12, 2024 ~7 min

Making climate models relevant for local decision-makers

A new downscaling method leverages machine learning to speed up climate model simulations at finer resolutions, making them usable on local levels.

Paige Colley | EAPS • mit
June 11, 2024 ~6 min

New algorithm discovers language just by watching videos

DenseAV, developed at MIT, learns to parse and understand the meaning of language just by watching videos of people talking, with potential applications in multimedia search, language learning, and robotics.

Rachel Gordon | MIT CSAIL • mit
June 11, 2024 ~9 min

New computer vision method helps speed up screening of electronic materials

The technique characterizes a material’s electronic properties 85 times faster than conventional methods.

Jennifer Chu | MIT News • mit
June 11, 2024 ~8 min

Protein study could help researchers develop new antibiotics

Researchers created a water-soluble version of an important bacterial enzyme, which can now be used in drug screens to identify new antibiotics.

Anne Trafton | MIT News • mit
June 10, 2024 ~7 min