Strengthening trust in machine-learning models

Associate Professor Tamara Broderick and colleagues build a “taxonomy of trust” to identify where in data analysis processes confidence in its results might break down.

Madeleine Turner | MIT Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems • mit
March 28, 2023 ~9 min

New additives could turn concrete into an effective carbon sink

MIT engineers discover new carbonation pathways for creating more environmentally friendly concrete.

David L. Chandler | MIT News Office • mit
March 28, 2023 ~6 min

How cell mechanics influences everything

Ming Guo seeks connections between a cell’s physical form and its biological function, which could illuminate ways to halt abnormal cell growth.

Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office • mit
March 26, 2023 ~9 min

How do superconductors work? A physicist explains what it means to have resistance-free electricity

Superconductors are materials that can transmit electricity without any resistance. Researchers are getting closer to creating superconducting materials that can function in everyday life.

Mishkat Bhattacharya, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Rochester Institute of Technology • conversation
March 24, 2023 ~6 min

A design tool to democratize the art of color-changing mosaics

Computational tool from MIT CSAIL enables color-changing cellulose-based designs for data visualization, education, fashion, and more.

Rachel Gordon | MIT CSAIL • mit
March 23, 2023 ~5 min

Researchers find key to healing muscle injuries in elderly

Controlling inflammation enables injured aged muscle recovery, offering promise for the future of mechanotherapies.

Benjamin Boettner • harvard
March 22, 2023 ~7 min

Tackling counterfeit seeds with “unclonable” labels

Fake seeds can cost farmers more than two-thirds of expected crop yields and threaten food security. Trackable silk labels could help.

David L. Chandler | MIT News Office • mit
March 22, 2023 ~7 min

Learning to grow machine-learning models

New LiGO technique accelerates training of large machine-learning models, reducing the monetary and environmental cost of developing AI applications.

Adam Zewe | MIT News Office • mit
March 22, 2023 ~7 min

MIT-led teams win National Science Foundation grants to research sustainable materials

The teams will work toward sustainable microchips and topological materials as well as socioresilient materials design.

Materials Research Laboratory | Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering | Department of Materials Science and Engineering • mit
March 21, 2023 ~10 min

Fiber “barcodes” can make clothing labels that last

Drawing inspiration from butterfly wings, reflective fibers woven into clothing could reshape textile sorting and recycling.

Kylie Foy | MIT Lincoln Laboratory • mit
March 21, 2023 ~6 min