Back to the Moon: A space lawyer and planetary scientist on what it will take to share the benefits of new lunar exploration - Podcast

A US-led coalition and China are both planning to establish bases on the Moon. How the two nations will navigate actions on the Moon and how other countries will be involved is still unclear.

Nehal El-Hadi, Science + Technology Editor & Co-Host of The Conversation Weekly Podcast, The Conversation • conversation
March 23, 2023 ~6 min

Scrappy SBUDNIC satellite hitched a ride to space

Students got a once-in-a-lifetime chance to design and build their own satellite to be launched into space. They call it SBUDNIC.

Juan Siliezar-Brown • futurity
March 22, 2023 ~9 min

Team detects neutrinos created by particle collider for the first time

The first detection of neutrinos made by a particle collider could reveal more about the nature of the universe's most abundant particle.

Lucas Van Wyk Joel-UC Irvine • futurity
March 21, 2023 ~5 min

Water in space – a 'Goldilocks' star reveals previously hidden step in how water gets to planets like Earth

Astronomers have long known where water is first formed in the universe and how it ends up on planets, asteroids and comets. A recent discovery has finally answered what happens in between.

John Tobin, Scientist, National Radio Astronomy Observatory • conversation
March 16, 2023 ~9 min

Governments, Businesses Take Interest in Space Junk

VOA Learning English • voa
March 15, 2023 ~5 min

Scientists have new tool to estimate how much water might be hidden beneath a planet’s surface

In the search for life elsewhere in the Universe, scientists have traditionally looked for planets with liquid water at their surface. But, rather than flowing

Cambridge University News • cambridge
March 15, 2023 ~5 min

Mix-and-match kit could enable astronauts to build a menagerie of lunar exploration bots

Robotic parts could be assembled into nimble spider bots for exploring lava tubes or heavy-duty elephant bots for transporting solar panels.

Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office • mit
March 14, 2023 ~8 min

Humanity’s quest to discover the origins of life in the universe

Scientists from the University of Cambridge, ETH Zurich, Harvard University, and the University of Chicago have founded the Origins Federation, which will

Cambridge University News • cambridge
March 8, 2023 ~5 min

Distant star TOI-700 has two potentially habitable planets orbiting it – making it an excellent candidate in the search for life

With more than 5,000 known exoplanets, astronomers are shifting their focus from discovering additional distant worlds to identifying which are good candidates for further study.

Andrew Vanderburg, Assistant Professor of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) • conversation
March 8, 2023 ~8 min

Robots on Mars could steal a trick from Hansel and Gretel

"...Hansel and Gretel dropped breadcrumbs to make sure they'd find their way back. In our scenario, the 'breadcrumbs' are miniaturized sensors..."

Daniel Stolte-Arizona • futurity
March 6, 2023 ~10 min