How DNA analysis of our rivers and lakes can reveal new secrets about their biodiversity

Our research suggests environmental DNA analysis could transform traditional ways of monitoring freshwater ecosystems.

Simon Creer, Professor in Molecular Ecology, Bangor University • conversation
today ~8 min

Searching for a female partner for the world’s ‘loneliest’ plant

The plant has been propagated worldwide, but every surviving specimen of Encephalartos woodii is a male clone – and without a female, natural reproduction is impossible.

Laura Cinti, Research Fellow in bio art & plant behaviour, University of Southampton • conversation
today ~7 min

The Conservatives’ climate change plans show they have tried but failed to reinvent net zero

Proposals are either poor (and eventually expensive) solutions, or suggest processes that are already in place.

Sam Fankhauser, Professor of Climate Economics and Policy, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford • conversation
today ~8 min

Supreme Court justices secretly recorded – the legal issues and what they mean for the rest of us

Secret recordings raise questions about Justice Alito’s impartiality, but they also reveal the weak state of legal protections against the misuse of the microphones and cameras everyone carries.

Anne Toomey McKenna, Visiting Professor of Law, University of Richmond • conversation
today ~7 min

Space weather forecasting needs an upgrade to protect future Artemis astronauts

The Sun will be at its most explosive right around the time NASA plans to put people back on the Moon.

Lulu Zhao, Assistant Research Scientist in Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering, University of Michigan • conversation
today ~6 min

Cities with empty commercial space and housing shortages are converting office buildings into apartments – here’s what they’re learning

Turning excess office space into apartments isn’t a panacea for the housing shortage, but it’s producing thousands of new units yearly and is more sustainable and economical than new construction.

John Weigand, Professor of Architecture and Interior Design and Interim Dean, College of Creative Arts, Miami University • conversation
today ~9 min

The US is losing wetlands at an accelerating rate − here’s how the private sector can help protect these valuable resources

The Supreme Court drastically reduced federal protection for wetlands in 2023. Two environmental lawyers explain how private businesses and nongovernment organizations can help fill the gap.

Michael Vandenbergh, Professor of Law and Co-Director, Energy, Environment and Land Use Program, Vanderbilt University • conversation
today ~8 min

Narcissism: why it’s less obvious in women than in men – but can be just as dangerous

Narcissistic women can be violent in relationships.

Claire Hart, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Southampton • conversation
today ~8 min

Microrobots made of algae carry chemo directly to lung tumors, improving cancer treatment

Green algae carry drug-loaded nanoparticles directly to the lungs, reducing side effects in other organs and increasing treatment efficiency.

Zhengxing Li, Ph.D. Candidate in Materials Science and Engineering, University of California, San Diego • conversation
yesterday ~5 min

Youth activists are now real agents of change at global climate summits

Fresh debate and discussions with youth activists challenging the status quo can have real legal and political weight.

Maria Antonieta Nestor, Research Associate, Lucy Cavendish College & Centre Fellow, Cambridge Centre for Property Law, Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge • conversation
yesterday ~9 min