To build a better AI helper, start by modeling the irrational behavior of humans

A new technique can be used to predict the actions of human or AI agents who behave suboptimally while working toward unknown goals.

Adam Zewe | MIT News • mit
today ~7 min

Immigrant Workers Help Prevent Economic Troubles in US

VOA Learning English • voa
yesterday ~8 min

World Bank: Difference Between Rich, Poor Countries Is Growing

VOA Learning English • voa
yesterday ~5 min

Talking about Sports Teams

VOA Learning English • voa
yesterday ~7 min

Using deep learning to image the Earth’s planetary boundary layer

Lincoln Laboratory researchers are using AI to get a better picture of the atmospheric layer closest to Earth's surface. Their techniques could improve weather and drought prediction.

Haley Wahl | MIT Lincoln Laboratory • mit
yesterday ~7 min

Mess is best: disordered structure of battery-like devices improves performance

The energy density of supercapacitors – battery-like devices that can charge in seconds or a few minutes – can be improved by increasing the ‘messiness’ of

Cambridge University News • cambridge
yesterday ~6 min

US Company Develops Cement-making Method that Reduces Carbon

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yesterday ~5 min

Scotland is ditching its flagship 2030 climate goal – why legally binding targets really matter

What happens when statutory carbon reduction targets are missed.

Sam Fankhauser, Professor of Climate Economics and Policy, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford • conversation
yesterday ~6 min

Snorkelling artists showcase Scotland’s diverse marine life in thought-provoking exhibition

Nine artists have taken part in a snorkelling artists’ residency that began underwater in Scotland.

Chris Mackenzie, Lecturer and Programme Leader, New Media Art, University of the West of Scotland • conversation
yesterday ~7 min

Why do we die? Do we have to?

In this episode of the Big Brains podcast, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist explains how our quest to slow aging is becoming a reality.

U. Chicago • futurity
yesterday ~2 min