World music

World music is an English phrase for styles of music from non-Western countries, including quasi-traditional, intercultural, and traditional music. World music's inclusive nature and elasticity as a musical category pose obstacles to a universal definition, but its ethic of interest in the culturally exotic is encapsulated in Roots magazine's description of the genre as "local music from out there".[1][2]

World music (term)
EtymologyCoined early 1960s to describe non-European, non-North American music[1]

This music that does not follow "North American or British pop and folk traditions"[3] was given the term "world music" by music industries in Europe and North America.[4] The term was popularized in the 1980s as a marketing category for non-Western traditional music.[5][6] It has grown to include subgenres such as ethnic fusion (Clannad, Ry Cooder, Enya, etc.)[7] and worldbeat.[8][9]

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