Wikipedia:1.5-billionth edit pool

This is a page to guess when the 1.5 billionth edit (as measured by the "oldid" field) will be made (i.e. when this link becomes valid). Also, for those who want to joke around, guess what the edit will be about.

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This pool opened on December 22, 2018. The date pool will be closed when Wikipedia reaches 1350 million edits (i.e. when this link becomes valid). The total number of edits on Wikipedia is currently (as of June 23, 2022) around 1094.55 million. Do not rely on {{NUMBEROFEDITS}}, as it is significantly lower (namely by slightly over 2.5 million), and could be up to a year apart from the oldid field by the time each of them reach 1.5 billion. The topic pool might as well stay open until the last minute (bonus if your guess is the 1.5-billionth edit).

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