White Serbia

White Serbia (Serbian: Бела Србија / Bela Srbija; Sorbian: Biеło Srbsko), called also Boiki (Ancient Greek: Βοΐκι, romanized: Boḯki; Serbian: Бојка / Bojka; Sorbian: Boika), is the name applied to the assumed homeland of the White Serbs (Serbian: Бели Срби / Beli Srbi), a tribal subgroup of Wends, a mixed and the westernmost group of Early Slavs. They are the ancestors of the modern Serbs and Sorbs. Boiki is mentioned in De Administrando Imperio, a 10th-century work by Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII (r. 913–959). According to it, the "White Serbs" lived on the "other side of Turkey" (i.e. Hungary), in the area that they called "Boiki" (Bohemia). The area adjacent to it was Francia as well as White Croatia, from where the White Croats trace their origin.

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