Walter Bruch

Walter Bruch (2 March 1908 – 5 May 1990) was a German electrical engineer and pioneer of German television. He was the inventor of Closed-circuit television.[1] He invented the PAL colour television system at Telefunken in the early 1960s.[2] In addition to his research activities Walter Bruch was an honorary lecturer at Hannover Technical University. He was awarded the Werner von Siemens Ring in 1975.[3]

Walter Bruch
The "Olympia-Kanone" (Olympic-Cannon) television camera at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, operated by Walter Bruch
Born2 March 1908
Died5 May 1990(1990-05-05) (aged 82)
Hanover, Germany
OccupationElectrical engineer

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