University of Tehran

The University of Tehran (Tehran University or UT, Persian: دانشگاه تهران) is the most prominent university located in Tehran, Iran. Based on its historical, socio-cultural, and political pedigree, as well as its research and teaching profile, UT has been nicknamed "The Mother University of Iran" (Persian: دانشگاه مادر). In international rankings, UT has been ranked as one of the best universities in the Middle East and is among the top universities of the world.[3][4][5] It is also the premier knowledge producing institute among all OIC countries.[6] The university offers more than 111 bachelor's degree programs, 177 master's degree programs, and 156 PhD. programs.[7] Many of the departments were absorbed into the University of Tehran from the Dar al-Funun established in 1851 and the Tehran School of Political Sciences established in 1899.

University of Tehran
دانشگاه تهران
Coat of arms of the University of Tehran
Mottoمیاسای ز آموختن یک زمان
Motto in English
Rest not a moment from learning
Established1851 (Dar ul-Funun)

1899 (Tehran School of Political Sciences)

1934; 88 years ago (1934) (Modern University)
FounderReza Shah
Isa Sedigh
EndowmentUS$ 797 million (2021)[1]
PresidentMohammad Moghimi
Academic staff
35°42′12″N 51°23′42″E
LanguagePersian / English
Colours  Blue
AffiliationsFUIW (engl.)

The main campus of the university is located in the central part of the city. However, other campuses are spread across the city as well as in the suburbs such as the Baghe Negarestan Campus at the central eastern part of the city, the Northern Amirabad Campuses at the central western part of the city and the Abureyhan Campus in the suburb of the capital. The main gate of the university with its specific design and modern architecture (at Enghelab Street at the main campus) is the logo of the university and in a more general sense, a logo of education in Iran. The university is one of the city's attractions, hosting many international and cultural events attracting academia, foreign tourists as well as local residents. The major festive of Friday Prayers of the capital is held at the university's main campus every Friday.

University of Tehran in Tehran map (in black)

Admission to the university's renowned undergraduate and graduate programs is very competitive and is limited to the top one percent of students who pass the national entrance examination administered yearly by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. .[8]

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