United Arab Emirates Presidential Guard

The UAE Presidential Guard (UAE-PG) (Arabic: حرس الرئاسة لدولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة) is an elite military special operations unit of the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces. It is a military unit that operates outside the conventional framework of traditional armed forces. Its estimated 12,000 personnel[1] are considered to be a premier fighting unit in the Middle East and the Arab world.[2]

Presidential Guard Command
حرس الرئاسة (in Arabic)
Founded2011 (2011)
Country United Arab Emirates
TypeSpecial forces
RoleAir assault
Amphibious reconnaissance
Amphibious warfare
CBRN defense
Clandestine operation
Close-quarters combat
Combat search and rescue
Covert operation
Desert warfare
Direct action
Executive protection
Fire support
Forward air control
Hostage rescue
Long-range penetration
Mountain warfare
Special operations
Special reconnaissance
Tactical emergency medical services
Unconventional warfare
Underwater demolition
Urban warfare
Motto(s)Allah, Watan, Ra'is
ColorsBeige and Burgundy
Commander in ChiefMohammed bin Zayed
Unit commanderMike Hindmarsh
The Presidential Guard contingent (last three rows) marching on the Rajpath during the Delhi Republic Day parade in 2017.

It's seen as the Emirati version of the United States Secret Service as its duties include protecting the Ra'is albeit they are not limited by that role.[3] The United States Marine Corps officially designates the UAE-PG as its Marine counterpart.

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