Union for Peace and Development Party

The Union for Peace and Development Party (Somali: Xisbiga Midowga Nabadda iyo Horumarka, UPD or XMNH), is a socially conservative political party in Somalia. The ideology is a composition of nationalism and moderate Islamism. The UPD party is one of the largest Somali political parties and some leading members of the party were former members of the government of former Somali president Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, and incumbent Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. UPD is also a member of the Forum for National Parties which is led by Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.

Union for Peace and Development Party
Midowga Nabadda Iyo Horumarka
LeaderHassan Sheikh Mohamud
ChairpersonHassan Sheikh Mohamud
Secretary-GeneralSaid Garuube
FoundersDaljir Party, Peace and Development Party, Horseed Caucus[1]
Founded4 October 2018
HeadquartersWadada Garoonka, Dagmada Wadajir, Mogadishu
Youth wingUPD Youth
Islamic democracy
Political positionCentre-right
National affiliationForum for National Parties
Colors  Green

As of October 2018, Mohamud was the leader of the UPD.[2][3]

In 2018, while the UPD was being formed, it was awarded a registration certificate, and the party was officially unveiled on 4 October 2018. The first official gathering took place in mid April 2019 where it elected a new leader of the party, executive members and central body of the party.

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