GMT+03:30 is an identifier for a time offset from UTC of +03:30. In ISO 8601 the associated time would be written as 2022-09-30T11:14:16+03:30. This time is used only in Iran, so it is also called Iran Standard Time.[1]

Time in the Middle East
    UTC+02:00 Egypt Standard Time

Eastern European Time /
Israel Standard Time /
Palestine Standard Time
Eastern European Summer Time /
Israel Summer Time /
Palestine Summer Time
    UTC+03:00 Arabia Standard Time /
Turkey Time
    UTC+03:30 Iran Standard Time
    UTC+04:00 Persian Gulf Standard Time
Standard time observed all year
Daylight saving time observed
Time zone
World map with the time zone highlighted
UTC offset
Current time
11:14, 30 September 2022 UTC+03:30 [refresh]
Central meridian
52.5 degrees E
Date-time group
GMT+03:30: blue (December), orange (June), yellow (year-round), light blue (sea areas)

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