Twenty-sixth Dynasty of Egypt

The Twenty-sixth Dynasty of Egypt (notated Dynasty XXVI, alternatively 26th Dynasty or Dynasty 26) dynasty was the last native dynasty to rule Egypt before the Persian conquest in 525 BC (although others followed). The dynasty's reign (664–525 BC) is also called the Saite Period after the city of Sais, where its pharaohs had their capital, and marks the beginning of the Late Period of ancient Egypt.[1]

Twenty-sixth Dynasty of Egypt
664 BC–525 BC
Portrait of a Pharaoh of the Saite Dynasty
Common languagesEgyptian language
Ancient Egyptian religion
 664–610 BC
Psamtik I (first)
 526–525 BC
Psamtik III (last)
664 BC
525 BC
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Twenty-fifth Dynasty of Egypt
Twenty-seventh Dynasty of Egypt

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