Ruja (book)

The Red Star of Dawn (Mazanderani: روجا, romanized: Rooja) in Mazandarani language means: The Red Star of Dawn[1] is a collection of poems by Nima Yooshij written in the Mazanderani language. Yoshij drew most of these works from local childhood poetry. The public space of some of The Red Star of Dawn's poems is influenced by the time of Nima Yooshij in Yush and its neighboring settlements, where post-constitutional modernity had not yet reached.[2] His main concern was to preserve and revive Mazanderani language.[3] He addresses this concern in his letters, manuscripts, and introduction to The Red Star of Dawn. In the letters he writes to his brother, he asks him to prepare and send him the history of Tabarestan and the divan of Amir Pazvari.[4]

Nima Yooshij and his son Sharagim, 1947

The Red Star of Dawn is written in Do-baytīs. This Do-baytīs is not related to a specific section of Yooshij's life, from the beginning of the poet's youth as he practiced poetry, to the end and peak of Nima's maturity, can be found in these two verses. Much of this Do-baytīs does not relate to the years of adolescence and youth in which he practiced poetry, and does not describe the burning and melting of love; Inspired by the symbols, institutions and coincidental events of the village of Yush, such as: a wedding, a sheep grazing, the birth of a cow... Nima is also mentioned in the biography of Safoura and an Armenian girl, his two failed loves, especially Safoura, whose fountain of poetry erupted and who is also present in Afsaneh.[5][6]

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