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The R&A is the collective name of a group of companies that together play a significant role within the game of golf. Historically, "the R&A" was a colloquial name for the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews; in 2004, the club spun off its previous governance and tournament organisation roles into the current R&A group, with the club itself reverting to a private members-only club.[1] The R&A is based in St Andrews in Scotland.[4]

The R&A
The R&A headquarters, Beach House,
Golf Place, St Andrews, Scotland.
AffiliationUnited States Golf Association
Regional affiliationWorldwide, except the United States, Mexico[2]
HeadquartersBeach House, Golf Place, St Andrews
ChairmanIan Pattinson
CEOMartin Slumbers[3]
Official website
The R&A World Golf Museum

R&A Rules Limited is one of the governing bodies of golf worldwide, alongside the United States Golf Association (USGA). The USGA governs in the United States and Mexico, and the R&A in the rest of the world.[2] They both share a single code for the Rules of Golf, Rules of Amateur Status, Equipment Standards and World Amateur Golf Rankings.[4]

R&A Championships Limited organises The Open Championship,[5] which is the world's oldest international men's major golf championship;[6] the Women's British Open;[7] the Senior Open Championship;[8] plus the Walker Cup and Curtis Cup.

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club founded what is now the Official World Golf Ranking for male professionals in 1986, and the R&A introduced the World Amateur Golf Ranking for male amateurs in 2007. The R&A also owns and operates The R&A World Golf Museum.[9]

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