Tear down this wall!

"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall", also known as the Berlin Wall Speech, was a speech delivered by United States President Ronald Reagan in West Berlin on June 12, 1987. Reagan called for the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, to open the Berlin Wall, which had separated West and East Berlin since 1961.[1][2] The name is derived from a key line in the middle of the speech: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

"Tear down this wall"
Complete speech by Ronald Reagan at the Brandenburg Gate, Friday, June 12, 1987. "Tear down this wall" passage begins at 11:10 into this video.
DateJune 12, 1987 (1987-06-12)
VenueBrandenburg Gate
LocationWest Berlin
Also known asBerlin Wall Speech
ParticipantsRonald Reagan

Though Reagan's speech received relatively little media coverage at the time, it became widely known after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. In the post-Cold War era, it was often seen as one of the most memorable performances of an American president in Berlin after John F. Kennedy's "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech of 1963.[3] It was written by Peter Robinson—then a speechwriter for the President—who currently hosts the Uncommon Knowledge program of the Hoover Institution.

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