Tajiks (Persian: تاجيک، تاجک, Tājīk, Tājek; Tajik: Тоҷик) are a Persian-speaking[17] Iranian ethnic group native to Central Asia, living primarily in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. Tajiks are the largest ethnicity in Tajikistan, and the second-largest in Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. They speak varieties of Persian, a Western Iranian language. In Tajikistan, since the 1939 Soviet census, its small Pamiri and Yaghnobi ethnic groups are included as Tajiks.[18] In China, the term is used to refer to its Pamiri ethnic groups, the Tajiks of Xinjiang, who speak the Eastern Iranian Pamiri languages.[19][20] In Afghanistan, the Pamiris are counted as a separate ethnic group.[21]

Total population
18–25 million[1]
Regions with significant populations
Afghanistan9,450,000–11,550,000 (2014)
 Tajikistan6,787,000 (2014)[3]
1,420,000 (2012, official)
other, non-official, scholarly estimates are 8 – 11 million[4][5][6]
 Pakistan221,725 (2005)[7]
 United States52,000[10]
Persian (Dari and Tajik)
Secondary: Pashto, Russian, Uzbek
Vast majority Sunni Islam[15]
minority Shia Islam and Sufism[16]
Related ethnic groups
other Iranian peoples

As a self-designation, the literary New Persian term Tajik, which originally had some previous pejorative usage as a label for eastern Persians or Iranians,[22] has become acceptable during the last several decades, particularly as a result of Soviet administration in Central Asia.[17] Alternative names for the Tajiks are Eastern Persian,[22][23] Fārsīwān (Persian-speaker), and Dīhgān (cf. Tajik: Деҳқон) which translates to "farmer or settled villager", in a wider sense "settled" in contrast to "nomadic" and was later used to describe a class of land-owning magnates as "Persian of noble blood" in contrast to Arabs, Turks and Romans during the Sassanid and early Islamic period.[24][22]

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