Sioux language

Sioux is a Siouan language spoken by over 30,000 Sioux in the United States and Canada, making it the fifth most spoken Indigenous language in the United States or Canada, behind Navajo, Cree, Inuit languages, and Ojibwe.[4][5]

Dakota, Lakota
Native toUnited States, Canada
RegionNorthern Nebraska, southern Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, northeastern Montana; southern Manitoba, southern Saskatchewan
Native speakers
25,000[1] (2015)[2]
Official status
Official language in
 United States
    South Dakota[3]
Language codes
ISO 639-2dak
ISO 639-3Either:
dak  Dakota
lkt  Lakota
Glottologdako1258  Dakota
lako1247  Lakota
Linguasphere62-AAC-a Dakota

Since 2019, "the language of the Great Sioux Nation, comprised of three dialects, Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota" is the official Indigenous language of South Dakota.[6][3]

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