The Shoshone or Shoshoni (/ʃˈʃn/ (listen) or /ʃəˈʃn/ (listen)) are a Native American tribe with four large cultural/linguistic divisions:

Total population
12,300 (2000)
Regions with significant populations
United States
(Idaho, California,
Nevada, Oregon,
Utah, Wyoming)
Shoshone,[1] English
Native American Church, Sun Dance,
traditional tribal religion,[2] Christianity, Ghost Dance
Related ethnic groups
Timbisha and Comanche

They traditionally speak the Shoshoni language, part of the Numic languages branch of the large Uto-Aztecan language family. The Shoshone were sometimes called the Snake Indians by neighboring tribes and early American explorers.[2]

Their peoples have become members of federally recognized tribes throughout their traditional areas of settlement, often co-located with the Northern Paiute people of the Great Basin.

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