The Prophet-5 is an analog synthesizer manufactured by the American company Sequential. It was designed by Dave Smith and John Bowen in 1977, who used microprocessors, then a new technology, to create the first polyphonic synthesizer with fully programmable memory. This allowed users to store sounds and recall them instantly rather than having to reprogram them manually; whereas synthesizers had once created unpredictable sounds, the Prophet-5 moved synthesizers to producing "a standard package of familiar sounds".[3]:385

A Prophet-10 Rev 4, a 10-voice version of the Prophet-5
Dates1978–84, 2020– (Prophet-5)
1977,[1] 1981–84, 2020– (Prophet-10)
PriceUS$3,995 (Rev 1, 2)
US$4,595 (Rev 3)
US$3,499 (Rev 4, 5-voice, 2020)[2]
US$4,299 (Rev 4, 10-voice, 2020)[2]
Technical specifications
Polyphony5 voices (Prophet-5)
10 voices (Prophet-10)
TimbralityMonotimbral (Prophet-5)
Multitimbral (Prophet-10)
Oscillator2 VCOs per voice
Synthesis typeAnalog subtractive
Analog FM (Poly-Mod)
Filter4-pole resonant low-pass
AttenuatorADSR envelope (2)
Aftertouch expressionNo on Rev1 to Rev3, Yes on Rev4
Velocity expressionNo on Rev1 to Rev3, Yes on Rev4
Storage memory40 patches (120 patches on later units, 200 patches on the Rev4 iteration)
Keyboard61 keys (Prophet-5 (all versions), Prophet-10 (1977, Rev 4))
Double 61 key manuals (Prophet-10 (1981-84))
Left-hand controlPitch and modulation wheels
External controlCV/Gate
Proprietary serial interface
MIDI (Rev 4 only)

Between 1978 and 1984, about 6,000 units were produced across three revisions. In 1981, Sequential released a 10-voice, double-keyboard version, the Prophet-10. Sequential introduced new versions in 2020, and it has been emulated in software synthesizers and hardware. The Prophet-5 has been widely used in popular music and film soundtracks.

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