Second Peace of Thorn (1466)

The Peace of Thorn or Toruń of 1466, also known as the Second Peace of Thorn or Toruń (Polish: drugi pokój toruński; German: Zweiter Friede von Thorn), was a peace treaty signed in the Hanseatic city of Thorn (Toruń) on 19 October 1466 between the Polish king Casimir IV Jagiellon and the Teutonic Knights, which ended the Thirteen Years' War, the longest of the Polish–Teutonic Wars.

Second Peace of Thorn
Second Peace of Toruń, painting by M. Jaroczyński, 1873, District Museum in Toruń.
Typepeace treaty
DraftedSeptember–October 1466
Signed19 October 1466
LocationThorn (Toruń), Poland
King Casimir IV Jagiellon
Grand Master Ludwig von Erlichshausen
Parties Kingdom of Poland
State of the Teutonic Order

The treaty was signed in the Artus Court,[1] and afterward a mass was held in the Gothic Franciscan Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary to celebrate the peace treaty.[2]

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