Scholz cabinet

The Scholz cabinet (German: Kabinett Scholz, pronounced [kabiˈnɛt ʃɔlt͡s] (listen)) is the current cabinet of Germany, led by Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The cabinet is composed of Scholz's Social Democratic Party, Alliance 90/The Greens and the Free Democratic Party, an arrangement known as a "traffic light coalition" in Germany after the parties' traditional colours, respectively red, green and yellow, matching the colour sequence of a traffic light (Ampel). This traffic light coalition-government is the first of its kind at the federal level in the history of the German federal republic.

Cabinet of Olaf Scholz
Cabinet Scholz

24th Cabinet of the Federal Republic of Germany
Date formed8 December 2021
(8 months and 5 days)
People and organisations
PresidentFrank-Walter Steinmeier
ChancellorOlaf Scholz
Vice ChancellorRobert Habeck
Member partiesSocial Democratic Party
Alliance 90/The Greens
Free Democratic Party
Status in legislatureTraffic light coalition government
416 / 736(57%)
Opposition partiesChristian Democratic Union
Christian Social Union
Alternative for Germany
The Left
Opposition leaderRalph Brinkhaus (CDU) (2021–2022)
Friedrich Merz (CDU) (from 2022)
Election(s)2021 federal election
Legislature term(s)20th Bundestag
PredecessorMerkel IV

Following the 2021 German federal election, the three parties reached a coalition agreement on 24 November 2021.[1][2] The SPD approved the coalition agreement by 98.8% (598 yes-votes to 7 no-votes and 3 abstentions) at the party's federal convention on 4 December 2021.[3][4] The FDP approved the coalition agreement by 92.24% (535 yes-votes to 37 no-votes and 8 abstentions) at the party's federal convention on 5 December 2021.[5] The Greens approved the agreement via a party-wide referendum, the results of which were declared on 6 December (61,174 yes-votes to 8,275 no-votes and 1,701 abstentions).[6][7]

Scholz was elected as Chancellor by the Bundestag on 8 December 2021.[8] His cabinet, as determined by the coalition agreement, was formally appointed by President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on the same day.

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