San Fernando Valley

The San Fernando Valley,[1] known locally as the Valley,[2][3] is an urbanized valley in Los Angeles County, California. Located to the north of the Los Angeles Basin, it contains a large portion of the City of Los Angeles, as well as unincorporated areas and the incorporated cities of Burbank, Calabasas, Glendale, Hidden Hills, and San Fernando.[4] The valley is well known for its iconic film studios such as Warner Bros. Studio and Walt Disney Studios. In addition, it is home to the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park.

San Fernando Valley
The San Fernando Valley looking northeast; from the top of Topanga Overlook Park above Woodland Hills in foreground
San Fernando Valley
Area260 square miles (670 km2)
Native nameEl Valle de Santa Catalina de Bononia de los Encinos (Spanish)
Population centersLos Angeles, Burbank, Glendale, Calabasas, Hidden Hills, San Fernando
Borders onSanta Susana Mountains (northwest), Simi Hills (west), Santa Monica Mountains and Chalk Hills (south), Verdugo Mountains (east), San Gabriel Mountains (northeast)
Coordinates34.25°N 118.45°W / 34.25; -118.45

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