Sacred (video game)

Sacred is a 2004 action role-playing game developed by the German company Ascaron and published by Take 2 Interactive. It is set on the magical continent of Ancaria, with characters of various races (dark elf, vampiress, dwarf, etc.) each with their own missions. Two expansion packs were released for the game in 2004 and 2005. In 2008, Linux Game Publishing announced that they would port the game to the Linux operating system.[3]

Publisher(s)Take 2 Interactive (Germany)
Koch Media
Red Ant Enterprises
Linux Game Publishing (Linux version)
Designer(s)Aarne Jungerberg
Michael Bhatty
Franz Stradal
Hans-Arno Wegner
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows, Linux
ReleaseMicrosoft Windows[1]
  • EU: 19 March 2004
  • NA: 25 March 2004
  • NA: 3 September 2012
Genre(s)Action role-playing
Mode(s)Single-player, Multiplayer

Sacred was a commercial hit, with sales above 2 million units worldwide by 2009. It spawned the Sacred video game franchise, and was followed by the sequels Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, Sacred Citadel, and Sacred 3.

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