SMPTE 259M is a standard published by SMPTE which "describes a 10-bit serial digital interface operating at 143/270/360 Mb/s."[1]

The goal of SMPTE 259M is to define a serial digital interface (based on a coaxial cable), called SDI or SD-SDI.

There are 4 bit rates defined, which are normally used to transfer the following standard video formats:

Variant Bit rate Aspect ratio Total lines (per frame) Active pixels (per line) Active lines Frame rate
SMPTE 259M-A 143 Mbit/s 4:3 525 768 486 59.94i
SMPTE 259M-B 177 Mbit/s 4:3 625 948 576 50i
SMPTE 259M-C 270 Mbit/s 4:3 or 16:9 525 720 486 59.94i
SMPTE 259M-C 270 Mbit/s 4:3 or 16:9 625 720 576 50i
SMPTE 259M-D 360 Mbit/s 16:9 525 960 486 59.94i

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