Referencer is a GNOME application to organize documents or references, and ultimately generate a BibTeX bibliography file. It is designed with the scientist/researcher in mind, and "document" may be taken to mean "paper" in general, although Referencer can deal with any kind of document that BibTeX can. Chief among Referencer's capabilities is the automatic acquisition of bibliographic information (metadata) for some kinds of documents. Upon adding a PDF file to a Referencer library file, it will automatically be searched for key identifiers such as a DOI code or arXiv identifier. If either of these is found, Referencer will attempt to retrieve the metadata for the document via the internet. However, metadata fetching for newer additions to arXiv is broken because of the change of format.

Original author(s)John Spray
Developer(s)referencer developers team
Stable release
1.2.2 / February 27, 2014; 8 years ago (2014-02-27)
Operating systemLinux
TypeBibliography manager, Document organizer

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