Rattachism (French: Rattachisme, IPA: [ʁataʃism], "reattach-ism") or Reunionism (Réunionisme) is a political ideology which calls for the French-speaking part of Belgium or Wallonia to secede from Belgium and become part of France. Brussels, which is majority French-speaking but enclaved in Flanders, may be included within this ideology as may the six Flemish municipalities with language facilities for French-speakers around Brussels. It can be considered a French-speaking equivalent of Grootneerlandisme (or, historically, Orangism) in Flanders.[1]

Flag sometimes associated with the Rattachist movement, combining the French flag with the coq hardi of Wallonia

The Rattachist ideology is associated with a faction of the Walloon Movement and is advocated by the political parties Walloon Rally and Wallonia–France Rally. Neither presently have any parliamentary seats.

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