Rashidi dynasty

The Rasheed dynasty, also called Al Rasheed or the House of Rasheed (Arabic: آل رشيد Āl Rashīd; pronounced [ʔæːl raˈʃiːd]), was a historic Arabian House or dynasty that existed in the Arabian Peninsula between 1836 and 1921. Its members were rulers of the Emirate of Ha'il and the most formidable enemies of the House of Saud, rulers of the Emirate of Nejd. They were centered in Ha'il, a city in northern Najd that derived its wealth from being on the route of the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, and was also a commercial center. The rulers of Ha'il were the sons of Abdullah bin Rashid, founder of the dynasty.

House of Rasheed
Flag of Rashidi Dynasty
Parent houseJaafar al-Shammari branch of Shammar
CountryEmirate of Jabal Shammar
FounderAbdullah bin Ali Al Rashid
Final rulerMuhammad bin Talāl
TitlesEmir of Jabal Shammar
Estate(s)Jabal Shammar

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