Prussia (region)

Prussia (Old Prussian: Prūsa; German: Preußen; Lithuanian: Prūsija; Polish: Prusy; Russian: Пруссия, Latin: Pruthenia /Prussia/Borussia) is a historical region in Europe on the south-eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, that ranges from the Vistula delta in the west to the end of the Curonian Spit in the east and extends inland as far as Masuria. Tacitus's Germania (98 AD) is the oldest known record of an eyewitness account on the territory and its inhabitants.[1] Pliny the Elder had already confirmed that the Romans had navigated into the waters beyond the Cimbric peninsula (Jutland). Suiones, Sitones, Goths and other Germanic people had temporarily settled to the east and west of the Vistula River during the Migration Period, adjacent to the Aesti, who lived further to the east.[2][3]

Map of the indigenous Baltic tribes that inhabited the region of Prussia prior to the Prussian Crusade, around 1200 AD

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