President of Romania

The president of Romania (Romanian: Președintele României) is the head of state of Romania. Following a modification to the Romanian Constitution in 2003, the president is directly elected by a two-round system and serves for five years. An individual may serve two terms. During their term in office, the president may not be a formal member of a political party.

President of Romania
Președintele României
Klaus Iohannis

since 21 December 2014
StatusHead of State
Member ofSupreme Council of National Defence
European Council
ResidenceCotroceni Palace
AppointerPopular vote
Term lengthFive years, renewable once
Inaugural holderNicolae Ceaușescu (communist; first established)
Ion Iliescu (current constitution)
Formation28 March 1974
8 December 1991 (current form)
DeputyPresident of the Senate
Salary27,000 lei per month (~ 66,800 annual)[1]
WebsitePreședintele României

The office of president was created in 1974, when Communist leader Nicolae Ceaușescu elevated the presidency of the State Council to a fully fledged executive presidency. It took its current form in stages after the Romanian RevolutionIon Iliescu deposed Ceaușescu, resulting in the adoption of Romania's current constitution in 1991.

Klaus Iohannis is the incumbent president since his inauguration on 21 December 2014. Iohannis is of full Transylvanian Saxon descent, making him the first president from Romania's German minority.

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