Pomeranian language

The Pomeranian language (Polish: pomorszczyzna or język pomorski, German: Pomoranisch or die pomoranische Sprache) is in the Pomeranian group of Lechitic languages (Polish: grupa pomorska języków lechickich, German: die pomoranische Gruppe der lechischen Sprachen) within the West Slavic languages.

Stefan Ramułt's Dictionary of the Pomeranian (Kashubian) language, published in Kraków, 1893
Native toPoland, Germany
Language codes
ISO 639-3

In medieval contexts, it refers to the dialects spoken by the Slavic Pomeranians. In modern contexts, the term is sometimes used synonymously with "Kashubian" and may also include extinct Slovincian.

The name Pomerania comes from Slavic po more, which means "[land] by the sea".[1]

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