Paltel Group

Paltel Group

Palestinian telecommunications company

Palestine Telecommunications (Paltel) Company (Arabic: الاتصالات الفلسطينية شركة), listed in the Palestine Exchange (PEX) as PALTEL, is a telecommunications holding company consisting of Palestine Telecommunications (Paltel), Palestine Cellular Communications Ltd. (Jawwal), internet provide Hadara, Reach call center, and Palmedia broadcast media.

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The Palestine Telecommunications Company (Paltel) was established in Jericho in the West Bank on 28 August 1995. The next year, the Palestinian Authority granted Paltel a 20-year license to build and operate cellular, data, and landline communications. In 1999, Israel released cellular frequencies, and the Palestine Cellular Communications Company (Jawwal) was established as Palestine's first cellular communications network.[2]

When Paltel was founded, only 3% of Palestinians owned a telephone;[3] applicants would have to wait years for a connection by Bezeq, the Israeli state-owned provider.[4] The initial three-year plan was to invest $600m in the West Bank and Gaza in order to increase customers from 85,000 to 250,000.[5] An agreement was reached in 1997 to acquire fixed-telephony from Cable & Wireless,[6] and in 1998 Ericsson won the contract to supply a GSM cellular network.[7] That year Arafat called on mobile users to switch to Paltel which would soon become the sole provider in Palestine.[8]

The mobile operator of PaltelGroup, Jawwal, with its 2 million subscribers,[9][10] stopped a merger operation with Zain,[11] but joined the One Network project in 2010.

In 2015, Paltel and fellow provider Ooredoo were granted access by Israeli authorities to use 3G, something they were previously restricted from doing.[12]

As of 2007, Paltel Group was the largest employer in Palestine, after the government.[13]


Palmedia for Multimedia Services Company is the media arm of Paltel.[2] Based in Ramallah, it provides media broadcast services and production services to media outlets such as Russia Today, the BBC, Al-Mayadeen, Al-Manar, and Hamas-affiliated Al-Quds TV, Al-Aqsa TV, and Palestine Today.[14][15]

In July 2017, the Israeli military raided Palmedia's offices in Ramallah on suspicion of "incitement to terrorism."[14] Their offices throughout the West Bank were raided again in October 2017 because of their provision of production services to Hamas-affiliated media outlets Al-Quds, Al-Aqsa, and Palestine Today.[15]


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