Pakistan International Airlines Flight 705

Pakistan International Airlines Flight 705 (PK705) was a Boeing 720 airliner that crashed while descending to land at Cairo International Airport on 20 May 1965. Of the 121 passengers and crew on board, all but 6 were killed.[2]

Pakistan International Airlines Flight 705
A Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 720 similar to the one involved in the accident
Date20 May 1965
SummaryControlled flight into terrain during approach; excessive descent - cause undetermined[1]
SiteCairo International Airport, Egypt
30°07′19″N 31°24′20″E
Aircraft typeBoeing 720B
OperatorPakistan International Airlines
Flight originKarachi Airport, Pakistan
2nd stopoverDhahran International Airport, Saudi Arabia
3rd stopoverCairo International Airport, Egypt
Last stopoverGeneva Airport, Switzerland
DestinationLondon Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom

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