The Oozlefinch is the unofficial historic mascot of the Air Defense Artillery and formerly of the U.S. Army Coast Artillery Corps. The Oozlefinch is portrayed as a flightless, featherless bird that flies backwards (at supersonic speeds)[3] and carries weapons of the Air Defense and Coast Artillery, most often a Nike-Hercules Missile. The Oozlefinch has been portrayed in many different forms and artistic interpretations through its history.[4]

The Distinctive Unit Insignia of the 42nd Field Artillery Brigade (pictured) included an Oozlefinch,[1] as did the patch of the Railway Artillery Reserve.[2] The French motto "Nous Soutiendrons" means "We Shall Serve".
The crest of the 53rd Coast Artillery is the symbol of the Railway Artillery Reserve.
The Oozlefinch (unofficial) coat of arms from a 1957 military ceremony pamphlet. The Latin motto "Quid ad sceleratorum curamus" translates roughly as "What the hell do we care?"

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