Old Permic script

The Old Permic script (Komi: Важ Перым гижӧм, 𐍮𐍐‎𐍕 𐍟‎𐍔‎𐍠𐍨𐍜 𐍒‎𐍣‎𐍕𐍩𐍜‎, Važ Perym gužom), sometimes known by its initial 2 characters as Abur or Anbur, is a "highly idiosyncratic adaptation"[2] of the Cyrillic script once used to write medieval Komi (a member of the Permic branch of Finno-Ugric languages).[1]

Old Permic
or Abur
Komi-Zyryan alphabet, created by St. Stephen of Perm. The alphabet is transposed with the names in Cyrillic and the modern Komi alphabet.
Script type
Time period
1372–17th century
Related scripts
Parent systems
ISO 15924
ISO 15924Perm (227), Old Permic
Unicode alias
Old Permic
Final Accepted Script Proposal

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