Odilon Barrot

Camille Hyacinthe Odilon Barrot (French pronunciation: [ɔdilɔ̃ baʁo]; 19 July 1791 – 6 August 1873) was a French politician who was briefly head of the council of ministers under President Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte in 1848–49.

Odilon Barrot
Prime Minister of France
In office
20 December 1848  31 October 1849
PresidentLouis-Napoléon Bonaparte
Preceded byLouis-Eugène Cavaignac
Succeeded byAlphonse Henri, comte d'Hautpoul
Personal details
Born19 July 1791
Died6 August 1873(1873-08-06) (aged 82)
Political partyDoctrinaires (1815–1830)
Party of Movement (1830–1848)
Party of Order (1848–1852)

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