National Day (Cameroon)

The National Day (French: Fête Nationale) of Cameroon, also known as Unity Day (fête nationale de l’unité), is celebrated annually on 20 May.[1][2] In a national referendum on 20 May 1972, Cameroonians voted for a unitary state as opposed to the existing federal state. The United Nations Trust Territory known as French Cameroun achieved independence from France on 1 January 1960, and British Southern Cameroons changed status from a Trusteeship under British administration to a federated state within Cameroon on 1 October 1961. The government chose 20 May as Cameroon's National Day to commemorate President Ahmadou Ahidjo's abolishment of the federal system of government in favour of a unitary country in 1972.[3]

Unity Day
Police marching in the 2016 Unity Day parade, Douala
Also calledNational Day
Observed byCameroon
Date20 May
Next time20 May 2023 (2023-05-20)
Police in the Unity Day parade, 2019, Douala

Even though it is considered a holiday, children all over the country go to schools and celebrate Unity Day usually by singing, carrying out parades or marches all around the different parts of their various cities. Speeches are made by the president of Cameroon and other important personalities. The day is presided over by the president in the capital, Yaoundé. In the regional capitals, it is presided by the governor who represents the government. The divisional officers preside over the day in their various divisions.[citation needed]

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