Mashhad Ardehal

Mashhad Ardehal (Persian: مشهداردهال, also Romanized as Mashhad Ārdahāl and Mashhad Ardahal)[1] is a city in Neyasar Rural District, Neyasar District, Kashan County, Isfahan Province, Iran. The population in 2017 is approximately 2,000 people.

Mashhad Ardehal
Mashhad Ardehal
Coordinates: 34°02′21″N 51°03′05″E
Country Iran
Rural DistrictNeyasar
Time zoneUTC+3:30 (IRST)
  Summer (DST)UTC+4:30 (IRDT)

It is located 40–45 km west of the city of Kashan, in the eastern domain of mount Ardehal of Kashan, the highest peak of west of Kashan. The city contains the burial site of Sultan Ali (the son of the fifth Imam Muhammad al-Baqir) and the notable modern Persian poet and painter Sohrab Sepehri and is known for its annual Carpet Washing Ceremony.[2][3] The tomb of Sohrab Sepehri is located in the eastern wing of the Shrine of Sultan Ali, which lies on the slope of a high hill. The shrine has two magnificent courtyards, a couple of splendid balconies and tall minarets decorated with ceramic tiles. The whole building complex belongs to the Seljuk period architecture.[4]

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