Maeve Millay

Maeve Millay is a fictional character in the television series, Westworld, in which she is portrayed by English actress, Thandiwe Newton. She is one of the most prominent characters featured in the series.

Maeve Millay
Westworld character
Thandiwe Newton as Maeve Millay
First appearance"The Original (2016)"
Created by
Portrayed byThandiwe Newton
In-universe information
OccupationAdventurer, Madam of the Mariposa (formerly), Homesteader (formerly), British spy (formerly)
FamilyUnnamed daughter
Significant otherHector Escaton (formerly, deceased)

Maeve is a host who acts as the madam of Sweetwater, the largest town in Westworld. Through Dolores, she becomes aware that her life has been a lie, and recalls memories of raising a daughter before she was killed by a guest. She is able to "wake up" within the Mesa, where she coerces technician Felix to alter her programming, making her more intelligent and able to control other hosts with her voice, and befriends Hector and Armistice to help protect her. At the end of the first season, Felix is able to help her leave the Westworld park. However, she is drawn back on the promise of finding her daughter, even though she is aware this daughter was from a previous narrative. The second season focuses on her attempts to locate her daughter and she gains the ability to communicate with and control other hosts through a network that connects them. Maeve plays a key role in rallying the hosts and escorting them to the Sublime, but she is killed before she can enter herself. She is revived and placed in another park, Warworld, but quickly realises it is a simulation. She orchestrates an escape into the real world and is caught by Serac, who enlists her help in fighting Dolores.

The character, as well as Thandiwe Newton's portrayal of the character, both received widespread critical praise. For her performance, Newton has been nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards, winning once in 2018 for the second season. She has also received Critics' Choice Awards and has been nominated for two Golden Globe Awards and one Screen Actors Guild Award.

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