MRC (company)

MRC II Distribution Company L.P., doing business as MRC (formerly Media Rights Capital), is an American film and television studio. Founded by Mordecai (Modi) Wiczyk and Asif Satchu, the company funds and produces film and television programming.

MRC II Distribution Company L.P.
FormerlyMedia Rights Capital (2006–2013)
Founded2006; 17 years ago (2006) (film)[1]
2008; 15 years ago (2008) (television)[1]
FoundersModi Wiczyk
Asif Satchu
Area served
Key people
Modi Wiczyk (co-CEO)
Asif Satchu (co-CEO)
Scott Tenley (COO)
OwnerEldridge Industries (minority)

The company's divisions include MRC Film, MRC Non-Fiction, and MRC Television. In 2018, the company merged with Todd Boehly's media assets under Valence Media, with the company as a whole taking on the MRC name in 2020; this included Dick Clark Productions (briefly known as MRC Live & Alternative), audience data firm Luminate (the former Nielsen SoundScan), and the entertainment industry publications Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter. Boehly (through Eldridge Industries) re-acquired most of these assets in August 2022.

The company's most notable productions have included the Netflix series House of Cards and Ozark, and the films Baby Driver, Knives Out, and Ted.

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