Luri language

Luri (Northern Luri: لوری, Persian: لری) is a Southwestern Iranian language continuum spoken by the Lur people, an Iranian people native to Western Asia. The Luri dialects are descended from Middle Persian and are Central Luri, Bakhtiari,[3][5] and Southern Luri.[3][5] This language is spoken mainly by the Bakhtiari and Southern Lurs (Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, Mamasani, Sepidan, Bandar Ganaveh, Bandar Deylam)[6] in Iran.

زون لوری
"Luri" written in the Perso-Arabic script with the Nastaliq font
PronunciationIPA: [loriː]
Native toIran; a few villages in eastern Iraq[1][2]
RegionSouthern Zagros Mountains
Native speakers
over 4 million[3]–circa 5 million[4]
  • Central Luri (Minjai)
  • Bakhtiari
  • Southern Luri
Language codes
ISO 639-3Variously:
lrc  Northern Luri
bqi  Bakhtiari
luz  Southern Luri

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