List of states in the Holy Roman Empire (Z)

This is a list of states in the Holy Roman Empire beginning with the letter Z:







Zähringen Duchy n/a n/a 962: First mentioned; Gau Counts in the Breisgau 1092: Claimed the Duchy of Swabia
1098: Renounced Swabia; assumed the title Duke of Zähringen
1112: Side line Baden founded
1152: Partitioned into itself and Teck
1218: Extinct; dispersed between numerous families and free cities
Zeeland County Burg n/a 1012: Given to Flanders 1167: West Zeeland in condomonium between Flanders and Holland
1256: West Zeeland to Holland
1303: West Zeeland to Hainaut; rest to Namur
1323: All to Hainaut
1432: To Burgundy
1477: To the Burgundian Netherlands
1556: To the Spanish Netherlands
1581: Joined the Netherlands
1648: Left the Empire as part of the Netherlands
Zell am Harmersbach Imperial City Swab SW 1139: First mentioned; to Zähringen 1218: To Swabia
1256: To Hohengeroldseck and Strasbourg
1333: To Baden
14th Century: Free Imperial City
1718: Harmersbach made Free Imperial Valley
1803: To Baden
Ziegenhain County n/a n/a 1148: First mentioned 1258: Partitioned into itself and Nidda
1333: Acquired Nidda
1450: Extinct; succession dispute between Hesse and Hohenlohe-Weikersheim. Ziegenhain was occupied by Hesse despite the legal succession of Hohenlohe
1495: Confirmed to Hesse with compensation paid to Hohenlohe-Weikersheim
Zimmern Lordship
1538: County
Swab SC 1080: First mentioned 1354: Acquired Meßkirch
1415: Acquired Wildenstein
1445: Partitioned into itself and Zimmern-Herrenzimmern
1462: Acquired Oberndorf
1488: To Werdenberg-Sigmaringen
1503: Restored
1508: Partitioned into Zimmern-Meßkirch and Zimmern-Wildenstein
1575: Reunited by Zimmern-Meßkirch
1594: Extinct; Oberndorf to Austria, Wald to Rottweil, rest to Helfenstein-Gundelfingen
Zimmern-Herrenzimmern Lordship
1538: County
Swab SC 1445: Partitioned from Zimmern 1512: To William Werner of Zimmern
1538: HRE Count
1575: Extinct; to Zimmern-Meßkirch
Zimmern-Meßkirch Lordship
1538: County
Swab SC 1508: Partitioned from Zimmern 1538: HRE Count
1575: Renamed to Zimmern
Zimmern-Wildenstein Lordship
1538: County
Swab SC 1508: Partitioned from Zimmern; originally at Oberndorf 1514: Acquired sole rule of Wildenstein
1538: HRE Count
1554: Extinct; to Zimmern-Meßkirch
Zollern Lordship
1111: County
n/a n/a 1061: First mentioned 1111: HRE Count
c. 1144: Partitioned into itself and Hohenberg
1192: Acquired Nuremberg
1218: Partitioned into itself and Nuremberg
1262: Acquired Schalksburg
1288: Partitioned into Hohenzollern and Zollern-Schalksburg
Zollern-Schalksburg County n/a n/a 1288: Partitioned from Zollern 1403: Sold to Württemberg
1408: Extinct
Zug Imperial Valley n/a n/a 1264: All to Habsburg 1352: Joined the Swiss Confederation
1415: Free Imperial Valley
1648: Left the Empire as part of Switzerland
Zürich Imperial City n/a n/a 853: To Fraumünster Abbey 1063: Under advocacy of Lenzburg
1173: Under advocacy of Zähringen
1218: Free Imperial City
1351: Joined the Swiss Confederation
1440: Expelled from the Swiss Confederacy
1450: Re-admitted
1648: Left the Empire as part of Switzerland
Zutphen Lordship
1101: County
Burg n/a c. 1025: Mentioned; fief of Lower Lotharingia 1046: Made fief of the Bishopric of Utrecht
1101: HRE Count
1118: Extinct in male line
1138: To Guelders
1371: To Jülich-Guelders
1423: To Guelders
1538: To Jülich-Cleves-Berg
1543: To the Spanish Netherlands
1579: Joined the Netherlands
1648: Left the Empire as part of the Netherlands
Zweibrücken County n/a n/a c. 1182: Partitioned from Saarbrücken 1263: Side line Zweibrücken-Eberstein created
1286: Partitioned into Zweibrücken-Zweibrücken and Zweibrücken-Bitsch
Zweibrücken-Bitsch County n/a n/a 1286: Partitioned from Zweibrücken; originally at Lemberg 1297: Acquired Bitsch
1485: Side line Zweibrücken-Bitsch-Ochsenstein established
1559: Acquired Ochsenstein
1570: Extinct; to Hanau-Lichtenberg in succession dispute with Leiningen-Westerburg-Leiningen
1572: To Lorraine
1573: Leiningen claim sold to Lorraine
1604: Lemberg given to Hanau-Lichtenberg
Zweibrücken-Bitsch-Ochsenstein County n/a n/a 1485: Created when Henry I of Zweibrücken-Bitsch acquired Ochsenstein by marriage 1559: Extinct; to Zweibrücken-Bitsch
Zweibrücken-Eberstein County n/a n/a 1263: Created when Simon I of Zweibrücken acquired half of Eberstein Elder Line 1314: Extinct; to the Bishopric of Speyer
Zweibrücken-Zweibrücken County n/a n/a 1286: Partitioned from Zweibrücken 1385: Zweibrücken sold to the Palatinate
1394: Extinct; remaining territory to Zweibrücken-Bitsch
Zwiefalten Abbacy Swab SP 1089: Abbey established; to Achalm 1098: To Urach
1250: To Fürstenberg
1265: To Württemberg
1750: Imperial immediacy; joined the Swabian Prelates
1802: To Württemberg; secularised and suppressed

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