List of states in the Holy Roman Empire (V)

This is a list of states in the Holy Roman Empire beginning with the letter V:







Vaduz County Swab SC Originally to Werdenberg-Sargans 1342: To Werdenberg-Sargans-Vaduz
1396: Imperial immediacy
1416: To Brandis
1510: Sold to Sulz
1572: To Sulz-Vaduz
1613: Sold to Hohenems
1646: To Hohenems-Vaduz
1712: Sold to Liechtenstein
Valais (Wallis) County n/a n/a 999: To the Bishopric of Sion 1648: Left the Empire as an ally of Switzerland
Varel Lordship n/a n/a 1123: First mentioned; part of East Frisia 15th Century: To Oldenburg
1667: To Aldenburg
1733: To Bentinck
1811: To France
1813: To Oldenburg
Vaud (Waadt) County n/a n/a Originally part of the Kingdom of Arles 1032: To Zähringen
1218: To Savoy
1536: To Bern
1648: Left the Empire as part of Switzerland
Vechta County n/a n/a 1226: Partitioned from Ravensberg 1244: Extinct; to Ravensberg
1252: Sold to Münster
1803: To Oldenburg
1810: To France
1814: To Oldenburg
Veldenz County n/a n/a By 1113: Partitioned from the Wildgraviate 1270: Extinct; to Geroldseck by marriage
1277: To Hohengeroldseck
1298: Partitioned from Hohengeroldseck
1387: Partitioned into Veldenz-Lichtenberg and Veldenz-Moschellandsburg
1389: Reunited by Veldenz-Moschellandsburg
1444: Extinct; to Palatinate-Simmern and Zweibrücken by marriage
1459: To Palatinate-Zweibrücken
1543: To Palatinate-Veldenz
Veldenz-Lichtenberg County n/a n/a 1387: Partitioned from Veldenz 1389: Extinct; to Veldenz-Moschellandsburg
Veldenz-Moschellandsburg County n/a n/a 1387: Partitioned from Veldenz 1389: Renamed to Veldenz
Velen (Vehlen) Lordship
1641: County
n/a n/a 1221: First mentioned 13th Century: Extinct; to Berensfelde
1313: Renamed from Berensfelde
1555: Acquired Rheine-Bevergern
1630: Acquired Papenburg
1641: HRE Count
1756: Extinct in male line; to Landsberg-Velen by marriage
Verden Bishopric Low Rhen EC c. 800: Diocese established 1180: Imperial immediacy; HRE Prince of the Empire
1648: Secularized as Principality for Sweden
Verden Principality Low Rhen PR 1648: Bishopric of Verden secularised for Sweden 1712: To Denmark
1715: Sold to Hanover
1807: To Westphalia
1810: To France
1813: To Hanover
Verden Imperial City Low Rhen RH 15th Century: Free Imperial City 1648: To Sweden; united with the Principality of Verden
Verdun Bishopric Upp Rhen EC 4th Century: Diocese established 997: Acquired county surrounding Verdun
1552: To France
1648: Annexation to France formally recognised
Verdun Imperial City Upp Rhen RH 1374: Free Imperial City 1552: To France
1648: Annexation to France formally recognised
Vianden County n/a n/a 1090: First mentioned; fief of Brabant 1163: Acquired Salm in the Ardennes
1175: Partitioned into itself and Salm in the Ardennes
1264: Made fief of Luxembourg; partitioned into itself and Schönecken
1400: Extinct; to Sponheim-Kreuznach
1417: To Nassau-Dillenburg
Virneburg HRE County Low Rhen WE 11th Century: First mentioned 1419: Acquired Neuenahr and Saffenburg
1545: Extinct; to Manderscheid-Schleiden
1554: Made fief of Trier
1560: To Manderscheid-Schleiden-Virneburg as fief of Trier
1590: To Manderscheid-Gerolstein by marriage as fief of Trier
1639: To Löwenstein-Wertheim-Virneburg as fief of Trier
1794: To France
1815: To Prussia
Vogtland Margraviate Upp Sax WT Name given to territories of Weida, Reuss and Plauen 1563: To Saxony

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