List of states in the Holy Roman Empire (Q)

This is a list of states in the Holy Roman Empire beginning with the letter Q:







Quadt Lordship n/a n/a 1262: First mentioned 14th Century: Partitioned into Quadt-Rode and Quadt-Eller
Quadt-Buschfeld Lordship
1620: Barony
n/a n/a 1447: Eberhard of Quadt acquired Buschfeld 1451: Buschfeld to John William
1498: Acquired Wickrath
1518: Partitioned into Quadt-Wickrath, Quadt-Alsbach and itself
1620: HRE Baron
1757: Extinct; to Leyen-Hohengeroldseck
Quadt-Hüchtenbruck Lordship n/a n/a 1716: Renamed from Quadt-Wickrath-Zoppenbroich after adoption as heir of Hüchtenbruck 1796: To France
1815: To Prussia
Quadt-Kreuzberg Lordship n/a n/a 1659: Established when John Arnold acquired Kreuzberg 1697: Extinct; to Cologne
Quadt-Landskron Lordship
15th Century: Barony
n/a n/a 1441: Established when Lothar acquired 1/2 of Oberwinter [de], Landskron [de] and Tomburg [de] 1622: Landskron sold to Eynenberg
1765: Extinct
Quadt-Rode Lordship n/a n/a 14th Century: Partitioned from Quadt 1441: Side line Quadt-Landskron founded
1447: Side line Quadt-Buschfeld founded
15th Century: Rode sold to Plettenberg
Quadt-Wickrath Lordship Low Rhen WF 1518: Partitioned from Quadt-Buschfeld 1566: Acquired Zoppenbroich
1599: Partitioned into Quadt-Wickrath-Schwanenberg and Quadt-Wickrath-Zoppenbroich
Count of Quadt in Wykradt and Isny
1664: Barony
1752: County
Low Rhen WF 1599: Partitioned from Quadt-Wickrath 1664: HRE Baron
1752: HRE Count
1796: To France
1803: Compensated with Isny and St George's Abbey
1806: To Württemberg
Quadt-Wickrath-Zoppenbroich Lordship n/a n/a 1599: Partitioned from Quadt-Wickrath 1659: Side line Quadt-Kreuzberg founded
1716: Renamed to Quadt-Hüchtenbruck
Quedlinburg Abbacy Upp Sax RP 936: Established with Imperial immediacy 966: HRE Princess of the Empire
1802: To Prussia
1807: To Westphalia
1815: To Prussia
Querfurt Lordship n/a n/a c. 950: First mentioned c. 1036: Partitioned into itself and Seeburg
1136: Acquired Burgraviate of Magdeburg
1178: Partitioned into Querfurt-Magdeburg and Querfurt-Querfurt
1418: Querfurt-Vitzenburg last extant line
1430: Beyernaumburg to Asseburg
1464: Sold Vitzenburg to Silmenitz
1496: Sold to the Archbishopric of Magdeburg
1506: Extinct
Querfurt-Beyernaumburg Burgraviate n/a n/a 1326: Partitioned from Querfurt-Querfurt 1384: Extinct; to Querfurt-Vitzenburg
Querfurt-Magdeburg Burgraviate n/a n/a 1178: Partitioned from Querfurt; Burgrave of Magdeburg 1270: Burgraviate of Magdeburg sold to Saxe-Wittenberg
1278: Partitioned into Querfurt-Rosenburg and Maidburg-Hardegg
Querfurt-Mansfeld Burgraviate n/a n/a 1229: Formed when Burchard IV inherited 1/2 of Mansfeld 1246: Renamed to Mansfeld
Querfurt-Mühlheim-Tannroda Burgraviate n/a n/a 1269: Partitioned from Querfurt-Querfurt 1392: Acquired Tannroda
1418: Extinct; to Vitzthum
Querfurt-Querfurt Burgraviate n/a n/a 1178: Partitioned from Querfurt 1229: Senior line Querfurt-Mansfeld formed
1269: Partitioned into Querfurt-Mühlheim-Tannroda and itself
1326: Partitioned into Querfurt-Beyernaumburg and Querfurt-Vitzenburg
Querfurt-Rosenburg Burgraviate n/a n/a 1278: Partitioned from Querfurt-Magdeburg 1306: Extinct; to Maidburg-Hardegg
Querfurt-Vitzenburg Burgraviate n/a n/a 1326: Partitioned from Querfurt-Querfurt 1418: Renamed to Querfurt

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