List of states in the Holy Roman Empire (D)

This is a list of states in the Holy Roman Empire beginning with the letter D:







Dagstuhl (Dachstuhl) Lordship Upp Rhen n/a 802: To the Archbishopric of Trier 1270: To Dagstuhl as fief of Trier
1375: Extinct; to Fleckenstein, Kriechingen, Rollingen and Brücken
1616-25: Acquired by Sötern piecemeal
1662: To Oettingen-Baldern
1793: To France
1815: To Prussia
Dannenberg County n/a n/a 1153: First mentioned; branch of Salzwedel 1303: Sold to Lüneburg
1311: Extinct
Danzig (Gdańsk) Imperial City n/a n/a 1263: Acquired autonomy 1301: To Denmark
1308: To the Teutonic Order
1457: To Poland with high autonomy
1793: To Prussia
1807: Free City of Danzig
1813: To Prussia
Daun Lordship n/a n/a 1075: First mentioned 1163: Extinct; former servant Richard assumed the name and rights
1250: Acquired part of Oberstein; renamed to Daun-Oberstein
Daun-Falkenstein County Low Rhen WE 1518: Renamed from Daun-Oberstein 1546: Partitioned into Daun-Falkenstein and Daun-Oberstein
1667: Sold Falkenstein to Lorraine
1682: Extinct; to Leiningen-Heidesheim
Daun-Oberstein Lordship
1518: County
Low Rhen WE 1250: Renamed from Daun 1163: Extinct; former servant Richard assumed the name and rights
1250: Acquired part of Oberstein; renamed to Daun-Oberstein
1518: Acquired Falkenstein; HRE Count; Renamed to Daun-Falkenstein
1546: Partitioned from Daun-Falkenstein
1636: Extinct; to Daun-Falkenstein
1682: To Leiningen-Heidesheim
1766: To Limburg-Styrum-Styrum
1771: Idarbann to Baden
1794: To France
1815: To Prussia
1817: Attached to the Principality of Birkenfeld
Dauphiné County n/a n/a 1016: Albon first mentioned 1030: Acquired half of Viennois
By 1293: Became known as the Dauphiné of Viennois
1349: Sold to France
1355: Extinct
Degenberg Lordship
1465: Barony
Bav SC 1189: First mentioned 1303: Acquired Weißenstein
1438: Partitioned into Degenberg-Degenberg and Degenberg-Weißenstein
1454: Reunited by Degenberg-Degenberg
1465: HRE Baron
1487: Imperial immediacy
1511: Acquired Hals
1602: Extinct; succession disputed
1607: To Bavaria; Seat in Imperial Diet and Bavarian Circle revoked
Degenberg-Degenberg Lordship n/a n/a 1438: Partitioned from Degenberg 1454: Renamed to Degenberg
Degenberg-Weißenstein Lordship n/a n/a 1438: Partitioned from Degenberg 1454: Extinct; to Degenberg-Degenberg
Delmenhorst County Low Rhen WE 1254: First mentioned; to Oldenburg 1281: To Oldenburg-Delmenhorst
1414: To Archbishopric of Bremen
1438: To Oldenburg
1463: To Oldenburg-Delmenhorst
1464: To Oldenburg
1482: To Bishopric of Münster
1547: To Oldenburg
1577: To Oldenburg-Delmenhorst
1647: To Oldenburg
1667: To Denmark
1711: To Hanover
1731: To Denmark
1773: To Oldenburg
Dhaun Wildgraviate n/a n/a 1258: Partitioned from the Wildgraviate 1350: Extinct; to Stein
Diepholz Barony
1524: County
Low Rhen WE 1160: First mentioned; fief of Saxony 1285: Acquired Blankena
1291: Imperial immediacy
1441: Acquired Wagenfeld, Bokel and Struten
1482: Claimed title of Count
1510: Partially made fief of Brunswick-Lüneburg
1521: Remaining territory made fief of Hesse
1553: Claimed Bronkhorst
1585: Extinct; to Brunswick-Lüneburg and Hesse-Cassel
Diessen (Dießen) County n/a n/a 954: First mentioned; Gau Counts in Traungau c. 1030: Partitioned into Wolfratshausen and itself
Advocate (Vogt) of Bishopric of Brixen
c. 1130: Acquired Plassenburg
1132: Renamed to Andechs
Diessen (Dießen) Abbacy n/a n/a by 1130: Abbey established by Diessen on site of previously destroyed abbey 1132: To Andechs
1248: Made fief of Bavaria
1803: Abbey secularised and suppressed
Diessenhofen Imperial City n/a n/a 1178: Made town of Kyburg 1264: To Habsburg
1415: Free Imperial City
1442: To Austria
1460: To the Old Swiss Confederacy as part of Thurgau
Dietrichstein Lordship
1514: Barony
1612: County
1631: Principality
Aust PR c. 1304: Ministerialis in Carinthia 1514: HRE Baron
1612: HRE Count
1631: HRE Prince
1654: HRE Council of Princes
1684: Acquired Tarasp
1802: Count Leslie of Balquhain
1803: Tarasp to Switzerland; compensated with Neuravensburg
1806: Neuravensburg to Württemberg
Diez (Dietz) County n/a n/a 11th century: Formed in the Niederlahngau from Conradine properties 12th century: Inherited territories in the Wetterau from Nürings
1208: Partitioned into Diez-Diez and Diez-Weilnau
1223: Reunited by Diez-Weilnau
1234: Partitioned into Diez-Diez, Diez-Birstein and Diez-Weilnau
1522: Divided between Eppstein-Königstein and Hesse-Kassel (or Hesse-Cassel)
Diez-Birstein County n/a n/a 1234: Partitioned from Diez 1322: Extinct; to Diez-Weilnau
1332: Half to Isenburg-Cleberg
1340: Isenburg half to Isenburg-Büdingen
1438: All to Isenburg-Büdingen
Diez-Diez County n/a n/a 1208: Partitioned from Diez 1223: Extinct; to Diez-Weilnau
1234: Partitioned from Diez
1388: Extinct; to Nassau-Dillenburg
Diez-Weilnau County n/a n/a 1208: Partitioned from Diez 1223: Renamed to Diez
1234: Partitioned from Diez
1454: Extinct; to Nassau-Dillenburg
Dinkelsbühl Imperial City Swab SW 1351: Free Imperial City 1802: To Bavaria
Disentis Abbacy Swab SP 8th Century: Abbey established 9th Century?: Imperial immediacy
11th Century: HRE Prince of the Empire
1395: Co-founded the Grey League
1648: Left the Empire as an ally of Switzerland
See: Schwäbisch Wörth
Imperial City
Dornbirn Lordship n/a n/a 9th century Originally to Bregenz
1171: To Tübingen
1180: To Montfort
1258: To Montfort-Feldkirch
1375: To Austria
1575: Much to Hohenems
1654: Rest sold to Hohenems; the townsfolk repurchased it for Austria
1771: To Austria
1805: To Bavaria
1814: To Austria
Dortmund Imperial City Low Rhen RH 1220: Free Imperial City 1803: To Nassau-Orange-Fulda
1806: To Berg
1813: To Prussia
Drau (Pettau, Lower Carantanian March) Margraviate n/a n/a Around 970-980 1147: Inherited by the Styrian Otakars
1254: To Hungary
1260: To Bohemia
1278: To Austria
By 1482: Integrated into the Duchy of Styria
Drenthe County Burg n/a 8th century: Originally a gau county 1024: To Bishopric of Utrecht
1528: To the Spanish Netherlands
1581: To United Provinces
1648: Left the Empire as part of the Netherlands
Duisburg Imperial City n/a n/a 10th century?: Free Imperial City 1290: Annexed to Cleves
1314: To Berg
1392: To Cleves
Düren Imperial City n/a n/a 1000: Free Imperial City 1241: To Jülich
Dyck Lordship n/a n/a 10th century 1394: Extinct; to Reifferscheid-Bedburg
1460: To Salm-Reifferscheid
1639: To Salm-Reifferscheid-Dyck
1794: To France
1815: To Prussia

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