List of counties in Oregon

There are 36 counties in the U.S. State of Oregon. The Oregon Constitution does not explicitly provide for county seats; Article VI, covering the "Administrative Department" of the state of Oregon, simply states that:

All county and city officers shall keep their respective offices at such places therein, and perform such duties, as may be prescribed by law.[2]

Counties of Oregon
LocationState of Oregon
Populations1,451 (Wheeler) – 803,377 (Multnomah)[1]
Areas435 square miles (1,130 km2) (Multnomah) – 10,135 square miles (26,250 km2) (Harney)
Oregon counties by date of establishment
  After 1890

More details on the etymologies of Oregon county names and place names in general are documented in Oregon Geographic Names. Oregon's postal abbreviation is OR and its FIPS state code is 41.

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