List of Wikipedias

Wikipedia is a free multilingual open source wiki-based online encyclopedia edited and maintained by a community of volunteer editors, started on 15 January 2001 (21 years ago) (2001-01-15) as an English-language encyclopedia. Non-English editions were soon created: the German and Catalan editions were created on circa 16 March,[1] the French edition was created on 23 March,[2] and the Swedish edition was created on 23 May.[3] As of November 2022, Wikipedia articles have been created in 329 editions, with 318 currently active and 11 closed.[4]

Screenshot of (Wikipedia's web portal) showing the different languages alphabetically sorted by article count

The Meta-Wiki language committee manages policies on creating new Wikimedia projects. To be eligible, a language must have a valid ISO 639 code, be "sufficiently unique", and have a "sufficient number of fluent users".[5]

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