Isotopes of krypton

There are 34 known isotopes of krypton (36Kr) with atomic mass numbers from 69 through 102.[5][6] Naturally occurring krypton is made of five stable isotopes and one (78
) which is slightly radioactive with an extremely long half-life, plus traces of radioisotopes that are produced by cosmic rays in the atmosphere.

Isotopes of krypton (36Kr)
Main isotopes[1] Decay
abun­dance half-life (t1/2) mode pro­duct
78Kr 0.360% 9.2×1021 y[2] εε 78Se
79Kr synth 35 h ε 79Br
β+ 79Br
80Kr 2.29% stable
81Kr trace 2.3×105 y ε 81Br
81mKr 13.10 s IT 81Kr
ε 81Br
82Kr 11.6% stable
83Kr 11.5% stable
84Kr 57.0% stable
85Kr synth 11 y β 85Rb
86Kr 17.3% stable
Standard atomic weight Ar°(Kr)
  • 83.798±0.002
  • 83.798±0.002 (abridged)[3][4]

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