Kalush (rap group)

Kalush (stylised in all caps) is a Ukrainian rap group formed in 2019. The group consists of founder and rapper Oleh Psiuk, multi-instrumentalist Ihor Didenchuk [uk], and breakdancer MC KylymMen (lit.'CarpetMan').[1][3][5] Didenchuk is also a member of the electro-folk band Go_A, which represented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.[1]

Kalush in 2022, left to right: MC KylymMen, Didenchuk and Psiuk
Background information
Also known asKalush Orchestra
Years active2019–present
  • Kalush Orchestra:
  • Tymofii Muzychuk
  • Vitalii Duzhyk
  • Sasha Tab
  • Johnny Strange
Past members
  • Daniil Chernov (KylymMen)[5][6]
  • Dzhonni Dyvnyy

In early 2021, the group launched the side project Kalush Orchestra, with Tymofii Muzychuk [uk], Vitalii Duzhyk, and Dzhonni Dyvnyy as additional members.[3] Unlike the original line-up, Kalush Orchestra focuses on hip hop blended with folk motifs and elements from Ukrainian traditional music.[3][7] On 14 May 2022, the group won the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with 631 points, securing Ukraine's third Eurovision victory with their song "Stefania".[8]

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